Ocean Memorials

Welcome to Nanaimo Adventure Charters, specializing in beautiful Ocean Memorials – a meaningful way to honour your loved ones and disburse their ashes in the beautiful waters surrounding Nanaimo. Step aboard and embark on a journey that celebrates life and provides solace in the tranquil embrace of the ocean.

Ocean Memorials offer a serene and personal experience, providing flexibility in choosing memorial locations near the main Nanaimo shore or adjacent islands. These picturesque settings create a beautiful backdrop as we pay tribute to your loved ones and scatter their ashes in a peaceful and respectful manner.

During the memorial service, a calm area will be found where the boat can come to a gentle stop. The engine is turned off, creating a quiet atmosphere where the sounds of nature, wind, and waves become a comforting presence. As you pay tribute to, and honour your loved ones, you have the freedom to perform your ceremony, whether it involves sharing stories, offering prayers, or observing a moment of silence.

Nanaimo Adventure Charters understands the importance of these moments and will strive to accommodate your wishes. For those who cannot join the boat, you can choose to select a memorial destination that can be viewed from the shore. This allows family and friends to gather in a place where they can witness the ceremony from a distance. It provides a special spot where they can return in the future to reflect on the memories of their loved ones.

After the memorial,  you will be taken for a short cruise near the area, watching as the ashes gently disperse in the ocean, merging with the vastness of the sea. This contemplative journey allows for a quiet reflection as we slowly return to the marina. You are welcome to bring snacks or refreshments, toasting the cherished memories shared during the memorial.

Nanaimo Adventure Charters is committed to providing a compassionate and memorable experience during this sensitive time and understands the significance of honouring your loved ones in a unique and meaningful way. Contact Merek today to discuss your Ocean Memorial and let Nanaimo Adventure Charters help you create a lasting tribute to your dearly departed.